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Can night vision devices be used during the day?

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Can night vision devices be used during the day?
Latest company news about Can night vision devices be used during the day?

Can night vision devices be used during the day? I believe this is a question that most users who will buy night vision devices are wondering. Let's discuss this issue in detail. Hope it helps you.

There are many kinds of night vision devices, but from the perspective of built-in core components, they can be divided into image-increasing tube night vision devices and digital night vision devices. Infrared night vision devices, low-light night vision devices, etc... The image intensifier tube is used as an image intensifier, but a low-light CCD is used as an image intensifier.

The infrared night vision device is basically composed of an optical system, a video tube or a low-light tube, a power supply and a power supply system. Of course, the active infrared night vision device should also be equipped with an infrared searchlight, of which the image tube or the low-light tube is the "heart" of the night vision device. Image-changing tubes can convert invisible infrared images into visible images, while low-light tubes can enhance weak light by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times, making it perceptible to the human eye.


Infrared night vision devices are afraid of strong light because the variable image tube and the low-light tube are afraid of strong light. Taking the video tube as an example, when the infrared light irradiates the photocathode of the video tube, the photocathode emits electrons, and the electrons are accelerated to the fluorescent screen under the action of the high voltage field (16-21 kV) and the electron lens, so that the fluorescent screen is accelerated. A visible target image is displayed. The more light signals received by the video tube, the more electrons it emits, the stronger the light signal emitted by the fluorescent screen, and the brighter the image seen. They are basically proportional. However, if the outside light is too strong, the electrons emitted by the photocathode will not increase to a certain extent, that is, saturation will occur, and the target will not be seen clearly. If too strong light is suddenly shot, the photocathode of the tube may be burned out, and electrons cannot be emitted, and of course nothing can be seen.
Although the infrared night vision device has taken certain anti-glare measures, its function is limited, so it must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations. When encountering strong light or target calibration during the day, put on the objective lens cover or turn off the power switch. Correct use of the infrared night vision device can prolong its service life and avoid unnecessary damage, so as to give full play to the role of the infrared night vision device.

Through the above introduction to the infrared night vision device, you must be able to know very clearly, yes, the infrared night vision device, that is, the image-increasing tube night vision device cannot be used normally during the day, because even if it is used, it needs to cover the objective lens cover. But to be honest, there is no point in using the image-increasing tube night vision device during the day with the cover of the objective lens.

Let's talk about another night vision device, digital night vision device. As mentioned above, this type of night vision device does not use an image intensifier tube as an image intensifier, but a low-light CCD as an image intensifier. The low-light CCD can recognize very low light, and then convert it into a visible digital signal, which is displayed on the LCD screen inside the night vision device. This kind of night vision device can not only be used at night, but also can be used during the day. The images during the day are generally color imaging.


To sum up, the image-increasing tube night vision device cannot be used normally during the day, and the digital night vision device can be used day and night. Choose the right product according to your needs.


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