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How to choose a good optical sight?

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How to choose a good optical sight?
Latest company news about How to choose a good optical sight?

1. What kind of rifle should I use?


The first thing to be clear is what you intend to install the scope on. Different firearms have different interfaces for installing accessories, the ammunition used is different, the recoil produced is also different, and the optical sight that can be installed on it is also different. For example, the scope used on the rifle and the scope on the pistol (yes, the scope can also be installed on the pistol) can not be the same on the index of eye-relief, because the pistol is not the same as a riflewhen shooting, you can stick your face to the butt, but keep a certain distance from the human eye, so the eye distance must be long. In the same way, the scope used on the reconnaissance rifle (also called the scout rifle) is usually installed in the front part, so it must have a longer eye distance. The long eye-distance sight usually does not have a high magnification.


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The so-called eye distance is the best distance (between the human eye and the eyepiece) that can provide the human eye with the largest field of view without producing vignetting, that is, the distance that is most suitable for the human eye to observe comfortably. If the distance is greater than or less than this optimal distance, it will produce vignetting, which will negatively affect the quality of observation. The reason for vignetting is that the human pupils only allow a limited amount of light to enter the eye. If the light from the target is partially blocked by the iris, not only will the image partially covered by the black shadow be projected on the retina, but it may also be distorted. Interfering with the image light that has entered the pupil. At the eye distance, the possibility of vignetting is the least.


In addition to the eye-fitting distance, the exit pupil diameter is also a relatively important optical parameter that is often overlooked and often confused with the eye-fitting distance. The exit pupil diameter is the diameter and width of the aperture (exit pupil) projected by the eyepiece at the eye distance, which is a length value perpendicular to the eye distance. In the case of sufficient light (such as light and Hitachi’s broad daylight), the diameter of the human pupil is usually about 2 mm. As long as the diameter of the aperture produced by the eyepiece at the eye distance is greater than 2 mm, it can basically guarantee that even the human eye Vibration will not produce vignetting; but if the brightness of the light drops (under low light conditions), the human pupil will dilate. If the diameter of the eyepiece aperture is smaller than the dilated pupil diameter, vignetting will also occur at the proper eye distance . Therefore, when buying a riflescope, try to consider choosing a slightly larger exit pupil diameter.


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Another thing to consider is the impact of the sitting force generated by the firearm on the scope. Scopes with different design indicators have different tolerance to severe vibrations. Scopes specially designed for flanged primer rifles can usually only be used to cope with lower recoil. If large-caliber rifles are used, there is a risk of the internal components of the scope becoming loose or even misaligned due to vibration-but fortunately , Most of the products on the market can handle at least .308 recoil. The most test of the quality of the manufacturing process of the scope is actually the spring air gun, because the spring in the gun will produce two sitting forces in the opposite direction at an instant during the launch process. If the scope used does not meet the air gun specifications, even if it is a high-end product with a high price tag, the internal parts will be shocked after only a few uses, causing the entire optical scope to be scrapped. Many foreign shooters who are first exposed to air guns have suffered heartache because of this loss of money. So if you are to equip the air gun with a scope, you must check whether the manufacturer clearly says it is "airgun-rated".


In addition, if you are using a large-caliber and high-powered firearm, you must try to choose a scope with a longer eye distance, otherwise you are prepared to let your eye sockets become a cushion for the frame at any time...


At the same time, the different ammunition specifications of the firearms used can also affect the choice of scope. Some scopes are specifically designed for designated ammunition (such as the casual .22 LR, military 5.56×45mm, 7.62×51mm and 7.62×39mm, and some shooting competitions are beginning to become more and more common 6.5mm Creedmoor design), will use Some markings have a "bullet drop compensator" (BDC) function to facilitate the shooter to estimate the impact point.


If firearms with different ammunition calibers are used, or the ammunition indicators have changed (for example, hand-loaded ammunition, or factory ammunition with different performance standards), these sights are no longer suitable for use, and it is suitable to use ordinary crosshairs and dense It is a sight with milliradian (milliradian, mil or mrad for short)/minute of angle/arc (MOA for short) type marking.


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