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Good quality products, trusted supplier!

—— VIctor Osorhan

Outstanding product quality & service! We have worked with a lot of companies in Asia, many times the quality is great but the communication is too complicated. In case of Shifang Yuantong Optical Instrument the quality of the products is excellent AND the communication is outstanding easy and fast

—— Matthias Frisch

8x33 Monocular ED I ordered only one as sample. They shipped fast, had in stock. It is of good quality, very sharp optics, focus smooth and fast.

—— Giorgio Pattarini

Very high quality product! Supplier is attentive, knows the business and is always willing to help. Very pleased with the whole process.

—— Ana Silva

Binocular 8x40 Porro FOV 140m/1000m I ordered one piece as sample, and they shipped promptly from stock. Well made product, very sturdy; the prism are mounted into a cradle inside the housing. The objective is recessed and protected. Focusing wheel is a bit hard but precise; eyepieces are stable. Good optics with green coatings, prisms with black c

—— Milucci Christian

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! :-) ^_^You've always responded to all my questions very promptly and with all the details i asked!You worked with me offering different options when appropriate:shipping options, or neck strap options,or boxes, You've always nice to me! so Thank you!!!

—— Ann Byrne

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Latest company news about Monoculars

In daily life, telescopes mainly refer to optical telescopes. The monocular telescope is a visual optical instrument used to observe distant objects. It can magnify the small opening angle of the distant object at a certain magnification, so that it has a larger opening angle in the image space.Objects that can be seen or distinguished by the naked eye become clear and distinguishable.

Therefore, the monocular telescope is an indispensable tool in astronomy and ground observation. It is an optical system that keeps the incident parallel light beams emitted in parallel through the objective lens and the eyepiece. In this news, we will talk about the three more common types of monoculars: bird-watching telescope, astronomical telescopes, and hand-held monoculars.

At the beginning of the 17th century, Hans Lipas, a Dutch eyeglass manufacturer, discovered that stacking convex and concave lenses together can make distant objects larger, and spotting scopes were born. Hans' invention attracted the attention of a Dutch general. After that, the telescope was quickly spread to other European countries, and people called it the "Dutch Pillar." Because the telescope has the function of long-distance observation, it was quickly used in the military. The craftsmen developed military telescopes based on the needs of the war. In the fight. The generals ride on horses or stand on high places, observe the battlefield situation through binoculars, adjust their deployment and give orders in time. The telescope has become an indispensable munitions and a symbol of command.

First, let's talk about a common type of monoculars-bird watching telescope, bird watching telescopes are most likely to be used for bird watching and target shooting.Under normal circumstances, it is seldom used to watch the target. The focus is on bird watching. The experience of watching a bird with a monocular is unique. However, the comfort of monocular viewing is worse than that of binoculars, and you may have to bend your waist when viewing. The reason is that the binoculars are small and light, and it is not very convenient to carry a tripod for a monocular, especially when you are hiking all the way while watching birds. However, if you are looking at birds from a distance, you can only use a monocular bird-watching scope, because it has a large magnification and can be observed at a variable magnification. Generally, the bird will fly away when you get close, and the advantages of the bird-watching spotting scopes are portability, waterproof, color, full erect image, etc. The advantage is that you can see some details more clearly without disturbing the bird, which is very suitable for scenary Viewing friends. But if it's the first time to buy a monocular telescope, the bird-watching spotting scope can only be seen with one eye. You may not be used to it at the beginning. You can try to see the scenery through the binoculars with one eye and feel it in advance. Of course, you can also use a light-shielding plate and a sunshade. To help you familiarize yourself with the scope, you can open one eye, close one eye, or open both eyes. If things go on like this, if you get used to it, there will be no problem. If you have binoculars at home, you can also buy a monocular: the binoculars are used to find the target, and the monocular is used to distinguish details.

Some bird-watching spotting scopes can even connect to SLRs to help the observer take some photos and make them into photo albums later. However, you need an adapter ring to connect to a SLR. Generally, you cannot connect to a SLR if the eyepiece is too large.

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Next, we will talk about a relatively rare big guy-the astronomical telescope. Compared with spotting scopes, their original purpose is completely different. Putting aside portability, astronomical telescopes have better optical performance and larger volume, which can eliminate aberrations for infinite targets. If the price difference is not big, the optical quality of the astronomical telescope is definitely better than that of the bird-watching scope; from the perspective of practicality, if you are not very interested in astronomy, it is recommended to watch the moon and sky by spotting scopes.

after all, the things that can be viewed by the two are not much different for ordinary people; if it is astrophotography, you must use an astronomical telescope.

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Finally, we need to mention hand-held monoculars. The advantages of hand-held monoculars are that they are small, portable, and the price is not very high.

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However, hand-held monoculars are definitely not as comfortable as binoculars can. The field of view of binoculars is wider and more three-dimensional, so in practical applications, Basically, the most used telescope are hand-held binoculars.

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