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Selection guide for rangefinders

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Selection guide for rangefinders
Latest company news about Selection guide for rangefinders

In today's electric power, water conservancy, construction, outdoor and other fields, we can often see the "shadow" of the rangefinder. However, in different fields and different environmental requirements, our requirements for the "capability" of rangefinders are also different. So the question is, what kind of rangefinder is more suitable for our field?


This is also the most important problem we face when purchasing a rangefinder. Today, let's share some knowledge about the purchase of rangefinders.


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When purchasing a rangefinder, we need to consider the measurement range, measurement accuracy and occasion of use of the rangefinder according to our own field.


When we only need to measure objects within a range of a few meters to tens of meters and the measurement does not need to be too accurate, we can consider ultrasonic rangefinders, although such rangefinders are greatly affected by the environment, and the stability is not The directionality is also relatively poor, but relatively speaking, the price of this type of rangefinder is relatively cheap, and it is suitable for indoor measurements that do not require too much precision.

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When we need to measure near and medium distance objects with high precision and the ambient light is not complicated, we can choose a phase laser rangefinder. This type of rangefinder is most suitable for high-precision indoor measurement, and its measurement accuracy can be Of course, the phase rangefinder can also be detected outdoors, but due to the influence of external ambient light, in order to maintain its accuracy in outdoor detection, a professional laser sight and reflector need to be installed.

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When we need to detect objects at a long distance outdoors, a laser ranging telescope will be our good choice. This type of rangefinder is both a rangefinder and a telescope. By using laser emission and reception, it can accurately measure the distance. It is compact and easy to carry, and it is most suitable for outdoor ranging and other activities. Friends who are planning to buy a laser rangefinder, recommend to try TONTUBE's classic series R02-R09. The measurement range of this series is 600-1500m, and the accuracy is high, which can fully meet your needs for outdoor ranging and other activities.


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Of course, in addition to this, the workmanship, product function and product technology of the rangefinder are also one of our key points when purchasing. Generally speaking, the more meticulous workmanship, the more comprehensive functions, and the better the controllability of the rangefinder, the better, and those products with cumbersome functions and poor controllability are not recommended to buy.


Friends who like outdoor sports, telescopes and rangefinders, please follow the editor. After that, the editor will regularly share knowledge and answer.



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