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Telescope purchase knowledge

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China Sichuan Tontube Technology Co.,LTD certification
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Good quality products, trusted supplier!

—— VIctor Osorhan

Outstanding product quality & service! We have worked with a lot of companies in Asia, many times the quality is great but the communication is too complicated. In case of Shifang Yuantong Optical Instrument the quality of the products is excellent AND the communication is outstanding easy and fast

—— Matthias Frisch

8x33 Monocular ED I ordered only one as sample. They shipped fast, had in stock. It is of good quality, very sharp optics, focus smooth and fast.

—— Giorgio Pattarini

Very high quality product! Supplier is attentive, knows the business and is always willing to help. Very pleased with the whole process.

—— Ana Silva

Binocular 8x40 Porro FOV 140m/1000m I ordered one piece as sample, and they shipped promptly from stock. Well made product, very sturdy; the prism are mounted into a cradle inside the housing. The objective is recessed and protected. Focusing wheel is a bit hard but precise; eyepieces are stable. Good optics with green coatings, prisms with black c

—— Milucci Christian

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! :-) ^_^You've always responded to all my questions very promptly and with all the details i asked!You worked with me offering different options when appropriate:shipping options, or neck strap options,or boxes, You've always nice to me! so Thank you!!!

—— Ann Byrne

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Telescope purchase knowledge
Latest company news about Telescope purchase knowledge

About the magnification: each telescope is marked with the main parameters, such as 8x42 means the power is 8 times, the objective lens aperture 42mm.
6 times or less is generally low magnification, 6-10 times is medium magnification, 10 times or more is high magnification. Many people always think that the higher the magnification is the better, some manufacturers also use false high magnification to attract consumers, in fact, a reasonable number of magnification the telescope is related to the caliber of the telescope and the way of observation: the caliber is large, the magnification can be appropriate higher. If the purchase of handheld observation binoculars, 7-12 times between sufficient, otherwise the higher the magnification, the smaller the observation field of view, the darker, the observation effect instead of declining, especially the high times brought about by the jitter also greatly increased, so that the observed scene can not be stabilized, not conducive to long-term observation. World famous ** telescope, mostly 7-12 times, because a clear and stable imaging is the most important; like 8 × 22, 8 × 42, 10 × 25, 10 × 42, 7 × 50, 10 × 50, 12 × 50, etc. are the common specifications of first-class telescopes on the caliber: the larger the caliber, the larger the observation field of view, brightness, which is conducive to the observation of dark and weak light, but the larger the caliber, the larger the volume and weight, the larger the observation field of view. The larger the aperture, the larger the volume and weight, the higher the cost, generally can be selected according to the need between 22-50 mm on the field of view: field of view refers to the field of view observable at a kilometer, such as 1000/98mm, refers to the telescope can be observed at a kilometer wide range of 98 meters. Wide angle large field of view binoculars will give people a wide and comfortable feeling


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The use of telescopes.
I. Adjust the pupil distance
First of all, my telescope are rotating eyecup system, when using the eyecup first rotate to the highest (general situation so operation), if you have glasses or in the eyecup rotate to the highest still can not see the full field of view or field of view has a dark shadow (dark shadow), you need to adjust the eyecup rotate to the most comfortable height of your glasses.

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II. Adjust the program distance
Change the distance between the two tubes of the telescope until the left and right field of view is a circular field of view. At this point, the distance between the two tubes is the same as the distance between the two pupils of the human eye.
III. Focusing
Turn the handwheel of the telescope's middle adjustment mechanism until the left eye can see the target clearly. Then turn the handwheel of the right eyepiece to make the right eye also see the target clearly.
IV. Observation
Align the telescope roughly to the observation target, turn the center adjustment mechanism, both eyes can quickly see the target at the same time. For different distances of the scene, as long as the rotation mechanism, you can quickly see clearly.
Note: After use, the rotating eyepiece must be put down and returned to the position, otherwise the rotating eyepiece may be broken due to negligence.
Because of the focusing function of the telescope, so should not be used to observe the bright objects, especially the sun, which will damage your telescope

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