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The working principle and scope of night vision

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The working principle and scope of night vision
Latest company news about The working principle and scope of night vision

The working principle of night vision


1. A special lens is used to converge the infrared rays emitted by objects in the field of view;


2. The phased array on the infrared detector element can scan the convergent light. The detector element can generate very detailed temperature pattern diagram which is called thermogram. In about 1/30 second, the detector array can obtain temperature information and control Into a thermogram. This information is obtained from thousands of detection points in the field of view of the detector array;

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3. The thermogram generated by the detector element is converted into electrical pulses;


4. These pulses are transmitted to the signal processing unit-a circuit board integrated with a precision chip, which can convert the information sent by the detector element into data that can be recognized by the display;


5. The signal processing unit sends information to the display, so that various colors are displayed on the display, and the intensity of color is determined by the intensity of infrared emission. Combine the pulses from the detector elements to generate an image.


Infrared night vision device is a military night vision device using photoelectric conversion technology. It is divided into two types: active and passive: the former uses infrared searchlight illuminating the target and receives the reflected infrared radiation to form an image; the latter does not emit infrared rays and relies on the target's self infrared radiation to form a "thermal image", so it is also called a "thermal imager".


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Night vision device function and scope of use


1. Except for a few outdoor enthusiasts and military enthusiasts, I believe that before getting to know this industry, everyone is very unfamiliar with night vision goggles. They don't know what the night vision goggles are for or what they have to do with us. What we know a lot is that we can see it occasionally in military TV movies. Therefore, everyone's understanding of it is only limited to military use, which is considered to be a very mysterious and unpredictable thing;


2. Nowadays, the scope of use of night vision goggles is no longer on the battlefield, but is gradually becoming popular. The night vision goggles market is in the period of enlightenment in China, but people who understand and buy night vision goggles are constantly increasing. In fact, night vision Like the previous products such as flashlights, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc., at first it was not a necessity of life, daily consumer goods, but when the market develops to a certain extent, when consumption becomes a habit, a kind of culture, then it becomes a fashion culture and becomes a necessity;


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3.Nowadays civilian night vision devices, including low-light night vision devices, digital night vision devices, and thermal imager,They are mainly used in outdoor and security fields, such as self-driving tours, camping, rock climbing, adventure, etc. Activities, as well as farms, fish ponds, engineering supervision, night hunting, observation, etc. Someone even use night vision goggles to detect people's misbehavior. Many commercial organizations also use night vision cameras installed in fixed locations to monitor the surrounding environment.


What is really amazing about thermal imaging technology is that it can reveal whether there are traces of human activity in an area. Even if there are no visible marks around it, it can still tell us that a piece of land has been dug up and buried. something. Law enforcement agencies can also use this to discover evidence that criminals are trying to conceal, including stolen money and dead bodies. In addition, theuse of thermal imaging technology can detect recent changes in certain areas (such as walls), which can provide important clues for some cases.


Many people have begun to explore the magical world under the night. If you are ready to engage in a camping or activity happily, perhaps night vision equipment devices can be helpful to your journey, but be sure to choose the type that suits you.


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